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James Branch Cabell typing
James Branch Cabell. undated photo, perhaps 1940s
Special Collections and Archives, VCU Libraries

James Branch Cabell: Literary Life and Legacy is a multi-phase project with the goal of bringing together information, scholarship, and primary sources related to author James Branch Cabell. Hosted by VCU Libraries, the project provides resources for literary and textual scholars, collectors, and historians, while offering a compelling introduction to students and general readers who may not be familiar with this southern writer. The site offers a starting place for new inquiry, and will expand the availability of letters and papers that are part of the Cabell Collection at VCU Libraries.  In addition, James Branch Cabell: Literary Life and Legacy reveals Cabell’s ongoing influence and inspiration at Virginia Commonwealth University.

James Branch Cabell: Literary Life and Legacy is made possible through the generous support of the James Branch Cabell Library Associates.

Credits and Acknowledgements

James Branch Cabell: Literary Life and Legacy came into being through the efforts of many people:

John E. Ulmschneider, former dean of VCU Libraries was responsible for the original concept and convening of the Silver Stallion Task Force: Brockenbrough Lamb, Trevor Cox, William Lloyd, John Thorne, Ray Bonis, Erin White and Alice Campbell.

The James Branch Cabell Library Associates have provided time, expertise and financial support throughout project planning and implementation. Their ongoing support is vital to this project and the work of VCU Publishing.

John Thorne and William Lloyd, creators of The Silver Stallion, with their significant expertise as collectors and bibliographers, have been integral to the project, guiding us to an ever-deeper understanding of James Branch Cabell and the community of readers and scholars that have surrounded him.

VCU Libraries is responsible for moving the project from concept to the World Wide Web.  Alice W. Campbell, Todd Easter, Cody Whitby, Ashley Brewer, Erin R. White. Jodi L. Koste, Yuki Hibben and Ray Bonis have contributed many hours of time since the project’s conception. Additional guidance, scholarship and expertise have been graciously provided by John Glover, Nora Bloch, Sue Robinson and Gregory Kimbrell.

Copyright and Content note

Copyright for some items on James Branch Cabell: Literary Life and Legacy is held by original creators, not VCU Libraries. Copyright and Creative Commons licensing.

This site draws from a broad range of historic sources, including materials that are offensive or contain negative stereotypes. VCU Libraries provides access to these materials to support research and inquiry.