Priscilla Bradley Shepherd Cabell

Priscilla Cabell driving a roadster
Percie Cabell in her new White “40” Roadster. Mrs. Cabell enjoyed driving and taking road trips. Mr. Cabell did not drive.
Image: Cabell scrapbooks, Special Collections and Archives, VCU Libraries


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Our illustration shows Mrs. John [sic] Branch Cabell, of Richmond, Va., in her new White “40” Roadster.

Portrait of Cabell's wife Priscilla "Percie"
Priscilla Bradley Shepherd Cabell, c. 1916
Special Collections and Archives, VCU Libraries

Rebecca Priscilla Bradley Cabell (1874-1949) married James Branch Cabell on Nov. 8, 1913. They had one child, a son, Ballard Hartwell Cabell (1915-1980).

James and Percie Cabell stand on the porch of a cabin
James and Priscilla Cabell, Cayford Cottage, Mountain Lake Resort, Giles, County, Va.
Image: Detail from photo, Special Collections and Archives, VCU Libraries

Cabell and his wife Priscilla sit in the grass before the cabin at Mountain Lake
James and Priscilla Cabell at Mountain Lake, Va.
Evening Star (Washington, D.C.), August 12, 1923, Gravure Section