Thorne and Lloyd’s Illustrated Bibliography

The Silver Stallion book cover with strutting horse and motto Mundus Vult Decipi
The Silver Stallion: A Comedy of Redemption
First printing, limited edition, 1926
Image courtesy: Thorne and Lloyd, The Silver Stallion: The James Branch Cabell Website

James Branch Cabell’s complicated writing and publishing history has been extensively documented by his bibliographers, the first of whom began work years before Cabell stopped writing.

John Thorne and William Lloyd’s An Illustrated Bibliography of Works By and About James Branch Cabell represents the most extensive and up-to-date scholarship in this field. The ongoing project builds on the work of their predecessors, while updating, correcting, and, for the first time, illustrating a bibliography of Cabell’s writing and other related works.

Thorne and Lloyd’s illustrated descriptive bibliography, published on The Silver Stallion website, covers James Branch Cabell’s short stories, essays, and books. Thorne and Lloyd include critical and biographical works about Cabell and a listing of the contents of the two Cabell journals: Kalki and The Cabellian.

An Illustrated Bibliography continues the form of bibliographer James N. Hall’s codes, adapting the system to include items published after 1972, as well as some printings and states unknown to Hall.

The following outline links directly to major sections of An Illustrated Bibliography of Works By and About James Branch Cabell. Once on The Silver Stallion site, you can explore the encyclopedic resources curated and published there. You can also access a friendly Cabell discussion group congregating on LibraryThing. Membership to LibraryThing is free.

An Illustrated Bibliography of Works By and About James Branch Cabell, by John Thorne and William Lloyd 

Table of Contents

Books by Cabell – In the author’s preferred order (first published by Frances Brewer, 1958)

Books by Cabell – chronological order

Other Writing by Cabell in periodicals, books, and letters

Writing About Cabell

Books: Critical and Biographical

In Books by Others


In Periodicals (reviews and articles)

Journals: Kalki and The Cabellian

Cabellian Art Books

Cabellian Maps